Automatic FAQ System

Take all of the painful work and time away from building your own FAQ. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) lists are very popular systems for keeping track of questions and answers in an organized fashion for later reference. Keeping track all of these questions and answers is a huge task in itself. The Automatic FAQ System handles most of the work involved in maintaining a complex FAQ, for just about any subject imagineable. It builds the FAQ automatically as questions are submitted by users, and as they are answered by others. The system is designed so that a moderator can oversee and make any changes necessary as questions and answers are added to the FAQ. This system makes it very efficient to maintain even the most complex of FAQ lists. Some of the main features of this system are:

  • Anybody with answers can submit them to the FAQ.
  • Anybody with corrections can make them to answers.
  • The moderator(s) can each keep a subset of the FAQ organized, without validating answers.
  • Permissions can be set by the moderators.
  • Support for multiple moderators.
  • Advanced editing options for moderators.
  • FAQs in the system are composed of categories and answers.
  • Support for subcategories.
  • Categories contain links to all of the answers to each question.
  • Support for shortcuts (links) between categories and content.
  • Support for URL links to websites.
  • Display of dates and the individuals that post content.
  • Support for plain text or HTML format.
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    Full searching support of the entire FAQ.
  • Support for attachments (images, text files, etc.)


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