Advanced Bug-tracking System

The Advanced Bug-tracking System uses proven software, used by hundreds of companies in the real world to manage everyday problems. This system is designed for tracking bugs and problems in products, but is easily adaptable to just about any scenario for problem tracking, from IT support queues to computer system problems. Some of the main features of this system include:

  • Integrated, product-based granular security schema
  • Inter-bug dependencies and dependency graphing
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • A robust, stable database-powered back-end
  • Extensive configurability
  • A very well-understood and well-thought-out natural bug resolution protocol
  • Email, XML, console, and HTTP APIs
  • Available integration with automated software configuration management systems, including Perforce and CVS (through the email interface and checkin/checkout scripts)
  • Too many more features to list

This bug-tracking system is superior to shared lists and email alone to track problems, as it not error-prone and can save a tremendous amount of time tracking numerous events simultaneously.

This system is very adaptable to various situations. Known uses currently include IT support queues, Systems Administration deployment management, chip design and development problem tracking (both pre-and-post fabrication), and software and hardware bug tracking for luminaries such as Redhat, Loki software, Linux-Mandrake, and VA Systems. It also provides a powerful, easy to-use solution to configuration management and replication problems.

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It can dramatically increase the productivity and accountability of individual employees by providing a documented workflow and positive feedback for good performance. How many times do you wake up in the morning, remembering that you were supposed to do something today, but you just can't quite remember? Put it in the system, and you have a record of it from which you can extrapolate milestones, predict product versions for integration, and by using it's e-mail integration features be able to follow the discussion trail that led to critical decisions.

Ultimately, this bug-tracking system puts the power in your hands to improve your value to your employer or business while providing a usable framework for your natural attention to detail and knowledge store to flourish.

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