Forum & Bulletin Board System

This system provides a complete and easy-to-manage forum or bulletin board. Now you can run a forum to help people, post news, or just about anything else you can imagine. With full support for users and groups, you can require users to register to become members, while allowing anybody to view other sections. Create categories and multiple boards, and modify settings for the entire system with an easy-to-use, password-protected administration area.

Some of the main features include:

  • Database backend to ensure quick operation and high storage.
  • Powerful and extensive authorization system built in
  • Support for private forums or public forums or categories
  • Built-in searching system
  • Message formatting with various font styles and sizes, as well as quoting, code display, image posting, and automatic URL linking
  • Built-in polling feature
  • Email notification of replies to your topics
  • Built-in private messaging system
  • Built-in moderation features: mass delete/move/unlock/ of posts, topic splitting, auto-pruning of stale messages
  • Multiple styles and colors available

Features of the Administration area:

  • Forum and category setup
  • Easy database backup and restore
  • Disallowed usernames
  • User authorization with complete user management
  • Word censoring
  • Optional new post verification/moderation
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    Extensive ban management: by email address, username, single/multiple IP address, or hostname
  • IP tracking of posts and answers
  • Mass emailing of users by the Administrator


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