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Audio and video on the Internet allows users to view saved clips as well as live broadcasts. Streaming media basically takes any type of audio or video and sends it to the user in small pieces, from the Streaming Server. This system allows people on all types of Internet connections to easily view the media with software installed on their computer, on a wide variety of platforms (Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and UNIX).

Apex Internet Solutions offers all of the services needed to get your audio or video clips on the Internet for all to see. There are two common formats used on the net today, RealMedia (by RealNetworks), and Microsoft Media (by Microsoft). We offer streaming of both types, at the same cost. If you have an analog copy of a video or audio clip, you can capture it with a video capture card or an orginary sound card, respectively, and save it in digital format. If you do not have the appropriate hardware for capturing or saving analog media to digital media, Apex can do it for you. Once the media is saved in digital format, it must be compressed (or encoded) in a format to be streamed over the Internet. We offer services to encode media already in digital format or combined services to capture and encode the media. Be sure to check out our Pricing page for prices for these services. Or, you can get an instant Online Quote, Sign Up for Services, or Ask A Question (see above).

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