Project Manager

The Project Manager is a powerful interface for managing projects of all sorts. Manage team projects among groups, or keep track of personal one-member projects. With full support for timecards, calendars & scheduling, messages, email, chat, notes, and much more, you can keep your projects organized in one web-based system that everyone can easily access with their favorite web browser.

This system is loaded with features to help you effectively manage your projects. Main features include:

  • Support for users and groups, with full permissions.
  • Support for 25 languages
  • Interfaces to other misc applications.
  • Complete built-in calendar and schedule system for users and groups.
  • Integrated reminder system for events.
  • Complete timecard system with start, end, in/out, workdays functionality.
  • Managed resources (rooms, equipment, etc.)
  • Complete integration to email accounts, including automatic email reminders
  • Complete Contacts management, including support to import from most common desktop applications
  • Built-in system for personal notes with permissions to share notes.
  • Built-in system for saved bookmarks.
  • Built-in todo system for users/groups.
  • Easy viewing of reports, by project, members, history, statistics results, timeline/gantt diagrams, etc.
  • Support for subprojects within main projects (tree structure).
  • Built-in chat system to allow realtime chat among members.
  • Built-in forum system with filter system and easy printing.
  • Built-in request tracker / trouble ticket system with integrated knowledge base system.
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    Support to work with any POP3 mail server for easy email access.
  • Support to store files, links, and directories with tree structure, with full premissions capabilities.
  • Built-in voting system with result displays and archived results.
  • Easy administration by the project leaders over the group(s) with support to manage users/groups, bookmarks, forum threads, etc.
  • Built-in search system.
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