Online Survey System

This system takes the pain out of creating a survey, and will allow you to get yours online and running in no time. A simple and unique wizard interface allows you to create your survey step by step, preview, and activate it. Then check your results and view a report of the answers, or export the data for further analysis in the software of your choice!

Main features include:

  • A simple and clean interface
  • Support for mutiple types of questions:
    • Mutiple choice (single or multiple selection)
    • Questions and answers
    • Essays
    • Ratings/feedback scales
  • Preview mode to examine the layout and wording
  • Duplication of previous surveys
  • Survey activation and ending with the administration interface
  • Access limitations for respondents
  • Direct survey results viewing within the system
  • Cross-tabulate survey results
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    Ask A Question
    Survey reports available directly within the system
  • Export survey data as a CSV file for use in any data analysis program.
  • Manage designer and repondent accounts

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