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Apex Internet Solutions can make domain changes almost instantly, if they are handled with our own registrar. If you currently have a domain registered with Network Solutions or another registrar, you can receive a FREE year of domain registration if you transfer your domain to us when you Sign Up for Hosting Services at Apex. A $16.95 value for FREE!

A required one-time transfer fee is required for all transfers from other registrars (see our Domain Names pricing page for further information).


Why transfer your domain?

Get these benefits by transferring your domain name to us:

Worry-free domain configuration and setup Don't worry about the settings, we can configure everything so you don't have to worry about it.
Easy and consolidated billing We can combine the annual domain renewal fees to your hosting bill so that you don't have to keep track of separate services.
Protection against phishing and malicious services Often times the contacts for domain names will be targeted for phishing and other malicious scams. We filter out all of this so that you aren't bothered with it.
Protection against hidden and un-necessary fees Other registrars like Godaddy advertise cheap rates, yet insert hidden fees and expenses to trick customers in to buying more than what they need. We charge fair rates from the beginning and only charge for what you need, no hidden expenses and fees, no strings attached.
Real technical support We offer real technical support with an actual person, unlike other registrars which have robotic and automatic help. We realize you have better things to do with your time than get caught in endless technical support circles.
Save time and money Our fees are often less expensive than competitors.


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