WebTrends Monthly Statistics Reports

Our Monthly Statistics Reports offer concise, easy-to-use, detailed, and in-depth traffic analysis reports of your website. A wealth of information is included in each month's easy-to-read report. Whether you want to track which pages are being viewed or which regions of the world are most interested in your site, all of the information is available at the click of a mouse.
Reported Information Each Month:
  • General Statistics (summary)
  • Resources Accessed
    • Top Pages
    • Top Documents
    • Dynamic Pages & Forms
    • Top Entry Pages
    • Top Entry Files
    • Top Exit Pages
    • Single Access Pages
    • Top Directories
    • Top Paths Through Site
    • Most Accessed File Type
  • Visitors & Demographics
    • Visitors by Number of Visits
    • Top Authenticated Visitors
    • Top Visitors
    • Top Geographic Regions
    • Most Active Organizations
  • Activity Statistics
    • Summary for Report Period
    • By Time Increment
    • By Day of the Week
    • By Hour of the Day
    • By Length of Visit
    • By Number of Views
    • Visitors by Time Increme
  • Technical Statistics
    • Technical Statistics
    • Dynamic Pages & Forms Errors
    • Client Errors
    • Page Not Found Errors
    • Server Errors
  • Referrers & Keywords
    • Top Referring Sites
    • Top Referring URLs
    • Top Search Engines
    • Top Search Phrases
    • Top Search Keywords
  • Browsers & Platforms
    • Top Browsers
    • Netscape Browsers
    • Microsoft Explorer Browsers
    • Visiting Spiders
    • Top Platforms (Operating Systems

The reports are generated once a month and stored in a password-protected area on your website for easy viewing at any time.

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