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Expanded Museum Rear Terraces

For many years Kresge Art Museum staff members, visitors, and volunteers felt its many and expanding programs and excellent, extensive and ever-growing collection of art works deserved a bigger, better and more fitting facility. Much discussion took place but no formal organized effort ensued. Finally in 1999, a small group started meeting and decided it was time that a concerted push be made to make such a structure a reality. They became the BAM Committee, aptly named for their cause, a bigger and better art museum.

The BAM Committee membership has now grown to over 20 dedicated individuals. Brochures are being produced and distributed and special events are being held to promote the expansion. The University Provost strongly supports the campaign and Dean Wendy Wilkins of the College of Arts & Letters and the Friends Board both allocated funds toward the preliminary architectural study. The project was presented to the University Board of Trustees in February of 2003 and the All-University Campaign for faculty and staff includes the effort as a gifting opportunity. In short, the BAM Committee has spearheaded the Campaign for a Better Art Museum and is committed to making it come true.

Current BAM Committee members are:

Jacqueline Babcock
Manya Constant
Chris Dennos
Alan Fisher
Carol Gadsden
Beanie Gottschalck
David Greenbaum, (99-04 Chair)
Ruth Greenbaum, (99-04 Secretary)
Elinor Holbrook, Vice-Chair
Kate Johnson
Judy McCalla, Publicity Chair
Edward McRee
Coleen Moyerbrailean
James Newton
Mary Lou O'Connell

Linda Pivarnik, Chair
Sara Clark Pierson
Ron Rademacher, Development Chair
Pauline Sondag, Secretary
Ted Sondag
Alan Suits
Mickey Szilagyi, Website Chair
Tim Walling
Bill Weiner

Ex-officio Members:
Susan Bandes
Rebecca Surian
Mark Terman
Julie Thomson

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