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Apex Internet Solutions can design your website to meet your specific needs. Our team of professional website developers have the experience and knowledge to create a unique website that works for all of your users whether they are on a Macintosh or Windows computer, using Netscape, Internet Explorer, and more.

Unlimited Development and Affordable Pricing
Our website development skills are unlimited, since we host the sites on our very own servers, giving us complete design flexibility. We also keep development costs and time to a minimum, by using existing pre-built Templates and Web-based Systems, giving you a quality website at an affordable price. Be sure to view our Design Portfolio for examples of our work.

Easy and Efficient Evaluation
We offer free initial consulting to gather information about your business and what you want on your website. We even have an online Design Consultation Form designed specifically to gather this information. Let us handle all of the technical things to get you online, so you don't have to.

Combined Website Hosting with Design
We also offer basic website hosting and design combination packages to easily help you get started. We will create a design plan just for you based by selecting only the items you need. Click here for more pricing and information on design packages.

More About Our Hosting Services
Our basic Website Hosting starts at just $4.95 a month, no contract required, and never any setup fees! We allow you to add services at any time, that way you only pay for the services you need to use. Click here for more information.


Why A Website?

A properly designed website displaying your company’s or organization’s function, products and/or services will greatly enhance your exposure and client/customer contact.

A Little More Detail…

  • Effective, Inexpensive Advertising: Using a website allows you to advertise to a worldwide audience for a fraction of the cost of print, radio, or television advertising. It compliments other advertising by providing far more detail and content. Unlike radio and television, it’s permanent. Compared to yellow pages or other print media advertising, it can be easily and quickly updated. The web is the only medium that combines text, images, video, animation and sound into one powerful, persuasive presentation. Your organization’s services and products are displayed to customers and clients in full color and detail, upon demand, at any time. It’s “open 24 hours a day” and there are no busy signals.
  • Professional, Progressive Image: A well designed website bolsters, defines and improves your organization’s image. It’s your professional corporate identity. Your website keeps you in pace with Internet technology and its advancing demands. An impressive website conveys your self-confidence and expertise.
    ···· Uniqueness: Your website should be exactly what you want it to be. It provides your site visitors with a clear and unmistakable image and impression of who you are and what you do. In today’s world, practically everyone turns to the web for services, information, shopping, entertainment and more. So show your organization to the world and let your imagination be your guide.
  • Savvy Marketing Strategy: A website is a powerful interactive tool. Because visiting your website is a hands-on activity, research demonstrates that people are far more likely to understand and remember the information you provide. Research further shows that when compared to all other types of contact, a “website visit” is the next best thing to a “visit in person”.
  • Adaptability: A website will grow with you. You can easily start with a simple, basic site and add to it as you wish. Keeping your valuable information updated and accurate is easy. It can be modified quickly, avoiding time-consuming and costly printing. Temporarily changing the look or theme of your website for special promotions or occasions is a snap.

Available Website Features:

  • Company logo and trademark. Include some interesting facts and history.
  • Animated graphics and sound.
  • Photos and pictures.
  • Maps and detailed directions.
  • Personnel profiles and recognition.
  • Merchandise/Product/Price lists and displays.
  • “Shopping cart” software facilitates online ordering.
  • Coupon, clearance and special savings announcements.
  • “How to” instructions.
  • Flyers, brochures and newsletters: Electronic versions save on printing and mailing costs.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Customer/Client testimonials.
  • Email and feedback features: This may include print-free and postage-free survey and contact cards or even an online “suggestion box.”
  • Accessibility: Through your domain name or the use of “key words” registered with various search engines your website is “always open for business” for both established and new customers.
  • Printable website features: Utilizing Adobe Acrobat software and PDF files, all of the above features can be made printable for all your website visitors.
  • Forms: These can be filled out, printed and sent to anyone via email.
  • Links & Downloads: Links to other websites or locations with the ability to download items will provide your customers/clients with valuable information, software and more.
  • Keyword connections to various search engines.
  • Data encryption protects against hackers and safeguards online transactions.
  • WebTrends Monthly Reports: WebTrends is the leading report-generating product, designed to give an accurate and thorough analysis of the traffic visiting your website. Each month a new monthly report is automatically generated, which you can view by going to a hidden, password-protected area of your website.
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