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Document Scanning and Conversion Services

We specialize in document scanning and conversion services to PDF, Word, and other common digital file formats ideal for archiving. Let us take away the headache of converting your old documents to digital format. We have the experience and resources to get the job done efficiently.

Advantages of Documents in Digital Format

  • Safe and reliable storage using optical storage media, that is not affected by magnetic fields, and that has a long shelf life (100 years or more).
  • Search and display documents with a couple clicks. No thumbing through paper files.
  • Easily transfer and share electronic documents over email or the Internet to others in super high quality, as opposed to postal mail which can take days or fax which is degraded in quality.
  • View on any computer, whether it is Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Unix.
  • Store thousands and thousands of pages on one small disc (CD or DVD) and save space.
  • Convert documents that are already in electronic format to PDF, allowing viewing on virtually any computer or operating system (IBM PC or Macintosh).
  • Convert old hardcopy documents that need to be preserved.
  • Get the advantage of the PDF file format including:
    • One single universal file format used by millions of businesses, governments, and more.
    • FREE viewing software from Adobe (Acrobat Reader or Ebook Reader)
    • Ability to display the document exactly the same on any computer platform (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, etc.)
    • Lock the document so it cannot be edited or altered.
    • Preserve the document in high resolution (color, grayscale, or bi-tone), for later printing or reproduction.
    • Preserve the original images as well as searchable text in the same document.
    • Archive publications that are hundreds of pages long, in one single file.
    • Create a master catalog of all documents, for easy and quick searching capabilities.
    • Choose between various levels of compression, to decrease file sizes.
    • Built-in viewing (plugin) for most web browsers, for viewing directly over the Internet.

Conversion Pricing

Please click here for a complete list of our Document Conversion pricing and services.

We keep all documents in the highest confidence. We can convert existing documents already in electronic format (such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.) to PDF, so users only need the FREE Acrobat reader software to view or print in the highest quality! Or we can scan your old hardcopy documents and convert them as well, to virtually any common format of your choice! We strive on producing top quality results at an affordable price; be sure to read more on our unique and efficient document processing steps.


How Does it All Work?

Getting from the original material to the end product usually takes a few steps:

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    Evaluation of the original material (electronic files or hardcopy documents)
    Usually we ask for a sample selection of original material, by either CD/DVD, email, or FTP. This allows us to process some of the actual material that is to be converted, giving us a more accurate estimate of the project price and turnaround time, as well as making sure all expectations are met.
  • Receiving all material
    After the initial samples have been processed and reviewed, we can then begin on the entire project. We require half of the total project price to be paid before beginning the project.
  • Processing, delivering final product
    Once all processing is finished, we will deliver the end product to you via the method you prefer: CD, DVD or FTP. At this time we collect the remaining balance of the project. To see more on our unique and efficient document processing steps, click here.

Due to the numerous types of publications and files available, as well as different volume requests, we only offer quotes on a consultation basis. For a quote, please fill out our Question Form and submit it. A representative will get in touch with you to determine if sample material is needed, or to provide you with a quote.

Want to see a sample of our Document Scanning and Conversion work? View our sponsored website, This website was started to preserve computer magazines that have been out of print, for both educational use and personal reference.

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