Document Conversion Services
Processing Overview

To ensure a top quality product at the most affordable price, we use unique and efficient software to make this possible and provide individual results. We don't just use generic settings and process your material by assuming what you want, we run samples for you, so we can tailor the product to your specific criteria and ensure it meets your requirements.

Raw Document Scanning
First, we scan your source material, whether it consists of loose documents or book format, or digital file format (on a hard drive or disc) on high quality equipment. Documents can be scanned in either color or black and white.

Special Processing and Enhancement
Next, we can process the scanned documents with our unique software, which will automatically adjust pages so that they are aligned with the edges of the page. Also, text can be recognized so that the document can be searched for words contained in it.

Delivery of Final Product
Then, we save the digital documents to the format that you wish to have it in. Normally, this consists of PDF files or Word files, saved on DVD, CD, or even FTP (transfer through the Internet). We offer multiple file formats to ensure compatibility with all operating systems and computer types.

And finally, we deliver the footage to you. We don't consider any project final until the content has been approved to your satisfaction.

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