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Along with our complete list of services, we also offer a full-featured, database-powered Web Store system. This allows businesses to get their products online quickly and easily. Features within the system can be enabled and disabled at any time, and the database can be easily updated with the built-in administration screen.

Be sure to visit our Website Design Portfolio, to see live running stores using this system!

Clean, Professional Look

Our Web Store system has a clean and professional look throughout. Features that appear on the main page include:

  • Product Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • What's New
  • Quick Find
  • Information and Store Policies
  • Shopping Cart status
  • Bestsellers
  • Specials
  • Reviews
  • Language selection (English, German, Spanish)
  • Currencies (Dollar, Deutsche Mark, Spanish Peseta, Euro)
  • Page requests
  • Advertising Banner
All features can be easily enabled and disabled in the Administration screen (see below
Complete Shopping Cart and Customer Database

Complete built-in shopping cart system that allows the users to place items into the cart as they browse the products or search. Items can updated and removed from the cart at any point. Once users have all items in the cart they can proceed to the checkout area to process the order. Users can register at the time of checkout, which allows them to come back and view order status, cancel, etc. Emails are automatically sent to the customer regarding their orders. Our Web Store also handles major online credit card purchasing services, including: Authorize.net, iPayment, iTransact, Nochex, PayPal, 2CheckOut, PSiGate, and SecPay. See below for more information regarding the Administration screens.

Easy-to-use Administration Screen
  The Administration screen allows for easy setup and changes for the Web Store. This area is password-protected so only authorized users (store operators) can make changes. All settings such as Store Configuration, Content Configuration, Customer Information, Modules (for extra functionality), Locations and Taxes, Currencies and Languages, Product and Order Reports, Backup tools and Banner configuration can be done here.
Features Overview
  • Complete E-mail configuration - where orders are sent, confirmation e-mails to the custumers.
  • General store settings - sort order, default language & currency,
  • Send to a friend feature
  • Specification of minimum and maximum field values and image size
  • List of resource links by product
  • List of manufacturers
  • Product reviews
  • Special sales and upcoming product bulletin displays
  • Multiple product categories
  • Random new products display
  • Best sellers display
  • Complete customer database - order status, address book, order history are stored for each customer.
  • Custom product shipping - calculate shipping by weight, item, destination, flat rate, table rate etc.
  • Complete management of stock & inventory - notification of out-of-stock items, re-order time, etc.
  • Product downloads feature - enable users to download purchased software, etc.
  • Built-in support for major online credit cart authorization services: Authorize.net, iPayment, iTransact, Nochex, PayPal, 2CheckOut, PSiGate, and SecPay.
  • Built-in support for major shipping couriers: FedEx, UPS, USPS,
  • Custom order totals: low order fees, shipping, sub-totals, and taxes.
  • Support for shipping and taxes for 239 foreign countries.
  • Status Reports: top products viewed, top products purchased, and top active customer lists.
  • Database backup feature
  • Banner Manager feature - display and schedule banners.
  • Newsletter Manager - compose and e-mail newsletters to registered customers.
  • Who's Online feature - see who's logged in.


Getting the Webstore for your website

You can add the Webstore to any existing website, whether the website was designed by us or not. You can choose to add your own products, or have us do it for you hassle-free.

If you purchase the Webstore with hosting services and wish to customize it yourself, you must have basic knowledge of PHP and HTML programming. We provide the documentation for customization on our Download Documents page. We can also customize the store for you for an additional fee, please see the Pricing Page for more details.

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