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Multimedia Services

Multimedia plays a big part in today's digital world. But getting things done can be a challenge with the huge array of software, settings, and time. Let us help you get the most of your existing audio, video, or documents. Whether you want to get it on the Internet for all to experience, or archive for your own personal use, we have audio, video and document conversion services that will suit your needs. The services we offer safely preserve everything in high quality digital format that will never degrade.

media streaming Audio Video Streaming
Existing audio and video content, whether on VHS tape or DVD, can be shared on the Internet! Streaming the content allows users with any type of connection (even slower dialup), to easily view your content. The player software used for viewers is FREE, and most have plugins directly in the web browser, offering hassle-free viewing that is virtually automatic with a single click! Click here for more details on Media Streaming Services.
audio and video conversion Audio Video Capturing and Conversion
Having existing audio and video content in digital format has many advantages. Imagine having your content on a storable surface that will not degrade no matter how many times it is played. No worries about magnetic surfaces getting damaged. The ability to copy over and over without losing a single bit of quality. Shelf life of over 100 years. Interested? We have top quality equipment to convert any old media, on VHS or cassette, to DVD! Or we can put it into a file format for you to do our own editing or conversion, or streaming on the web! Click here for more details on Audio Video Capturing and Conversion Services.
document conversion
Document Scanning and Conversion
Getting existing documents in digital format is a must with important information. Not only does digital format offer safe, compact, non-degradable storage, it allows complete and powerful searching, too! With numerous files and other documents, searching with a single click is invaluable. Thousands of thousands of pages can be saved to a single CD or DVD, in high resolution to print out at any time. Files can be read with FREE viewing software (Adobe Acrobat usually), that runs on any IBM PC or Macintosh. We offer many services to convert your old files, whether they are in electronic format already (files saved on disk), or in hardcopy form! Click here for more details on Document Scanning and Conversion Services.
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