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About Apex Internet Solutions

Apex Internet Solutions, LLC is an owner-operated Internet solutions company based in mid-Michigan, formed in 2001. Our staff has extensive experience with the Internet, website hosting, website design, and multimedia. We are proud to provide high quality, specialized, and cost efficient solutions with personalized support.

A-la-carte Web Hosting: We offer a complete line of Internet hosting services. Most Internet hosting providers combine services into packages. By doing so, they often charge their clients for services that aren't used. Our goal is to provide you with only those services that fit your specific needs. At Apex Internet Solutions, we offer an extensive list of separate services allowing you to select those you need now and easily add more, if necessary, in the future.

Unlimited Website Design: Since we host the websites that we design, we are not affected by any hosting restrictions that many hosting companies have today. This means our website designers are not limited in what they can do for your website. Our talented graphics artists and designers are experienced, and will create a custom-tailored website just for you.

Reliability and Flexibility: Our services are powered by UNIX-based machines for proven reliability and rock-solid stability, as well unlimited flexibility. We also use Microsoft-based servers for compatibility with Microsoft products.

Top Notch Security: All of our equipment is up to date with the latest security protection. Since all of our equipment is fully protected by a Unix-based Internet firewall, you can rest assured your data is safe. We monitor all activity on our servers very closely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional Related Services: Not only do we handle website design, but also related work such as document conversion, audio and video conversion, and media streaming. Our broad range of services allows us to insert virtually any type of content to the websites we design, even if it is not in digital form (such as hardcopy documents or video on VHS tapes).

No Fast-Talking Sales: Since we are a small and local company, we are able to offer quality solutions at great prices, as well as offer individual support to help you get your web services up and running quickly and efficiently. We don't need to focus on fast pitched sales techniques. Our belief is that by providing simple, straightforward services and support for our clients, we will ensure a long term mutual business relationship with each and every one of our clients.

"Small town" Feel: We don't feel the need to post numbers about how many clients we have. Instead, we focus our attention on you, the customer. Being a small company allows us to provide added value by not mixing you in with thousands upon thousands of other clients.

No Political Censorship: We do not censor our customers based on their political views, like big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Apple, and more.

Complete Customer Privacy: We believe in 100% customer privacy. We do not work with any 3rd party companies and we never release customer information to other marketing companies.

100% U.S. based Services and Company: We are located in the United States, and never outsource any of our work. We keep everything in house and confidential. All work is done by our very own and talented staff.


Let us at Apex Internet Solutions help you make the most of the Internet. Please review our Pricing page for a complete list of services we offer. At any point you can click Ask A Question to ask us any questions about our services. We are confident that we can provide a top quality product for you at an affordable price, satisfaction guaranteed!


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