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Kresge Art Museum Home Page
Expanded Museum Main Entrance
“The museum has become the most important public building of our time… They seem to embody our culture’s ideals in much the same way that cathedrals once did… They function as community centers as well as places of enlightenment.”
- Paul Goldberger, Pulitzer Prize-winning Architecture Critic at The New Yorker

Located in East Lansing on the Michigan State University campus, the Kresge Art Museum (KAM) and its collection and exhibits have contributed to the vitality of the Greater Lansing community and the mid-Michigan region since 1959. KAM is the only accredited art museum in the mid-Michigan area. It is supported by Michigan State University, national and regional grants, dedicated KAM donors and volunteers, and the art-loving community. However, as the collection, exhibition and educational programs have expanded, the museum has outgrown the facility and the time has come to create a home worthy of the collection. The planned expansion project is beautifully sited within the new MSU Corridor of the Arts, flanked by Fairchild Theater, the proposed new School of Music and the Department of Art & Art History. The Wharton Center for the Performing Arts is also nearby.

The KAM expansion will take maximum advantage of the surrounding landscape, campus streets and walkways. It will creatively utilize the existing Kresge Art Center museum building, expand towards the street to the north and overlook the Red Cedar River on the south. The first phase of renovation and expansion is expected to start in 2006, with completion of all new space in 2009, in time to celebrate Kresge Art Museum's 50th anniversary.

Click here for larger image and credits"A Banquet in a Telephone Booth!" That's what John Scott, artist and MSU alumnus, so aptly remarked regarding the fine Kresge art collection. Currently only 10 percent of the collection can be displayed at any one time. The other 90 percent remains in storage and is rarely seen. The completed museum expansion will expose far more of these hidden treasures to the Michigan State University family and mid-Michigan community. It will provide additional space and flexibility for new and exciting exhibits in an architecturally unique setting. And improved capacity for educational programs will enhance and enrich K through 12th grade art and humanities education by providing special programming, teaching, exhibits, and child-friendly hands-on space. Because Art Matters, please consider how you can help the Campaign for a Better Art Museum bring the "banquet" out of the "phone booth".

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